Women in the War Effort

Watch the following and respond to the following question. The fact this is focused mainly on the United Kingdom/ England means many of the situations would be similar in Canada.

  1. Provide 5 pieces of evidence that supports the statement,” The Great War gave women the opportunity it needed to begin to be treated as equals to men”.

War in the Air & Sea

Today we will be completing a look at the Great War in battle by focusing on the role of the most recent field, the air, as well as our role on the ocean.


An introduction to the war in the air

Primary source reflection – based on the notes, video footage, and our WW1 Scrapbook

An introduction to the war at sea

Primary source reflection – based on the notes, video footage, and our WW1 Scrapbook




Post war Slides for Nina

Ch.6 Canada in the Post-War World (draft)


World War Two Review!!

Here are some jeopardy games for you to practice your facts from WW2:





Two Tragic Battles of WW2

What event was the greater tragedy – Dieppe or Hong Kong?

Here are links to our documentaries:

The most recent information about the PURPOSE of Dieppe:

…and according to the veterans, the experience of Dieppe:




The Dirty Thirties

Ch.4 Dirty Thirties Slides
Ch 4 Great Depression Slide Guide

Everything you need to know in this rap…(?)…an American version at least…

…ok, this WILL help you review the basic causes of the depression:

And if you want to start studying for the Dirty Thirties Test:
Jeopardy – SS11 – 1930s

A continuation of the previous post’s NFB film but now focussed on the Depression and telling the entry into World War Two:


The “Roaring” Twenties (?)

2- 11 SS Slides Ch. 3 Twenties

Canada Between the Wars is a straightforward description of 1920s history in Canada up to the Crash: